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  KATAHATI is a wellknown and familiar Indonesian words of wisdom
which means" what the heart says"

We are a family owned and operated business since 2003.
Our intentions and goals are to create innovative fashion jewelry at a fair price.
We live in Bali-Indonesia, which allows us to have a very personal relationship with our co-workers
and co-producers which are mainly Indonesian housewives,
who make our handcrafted items either at their own home or in little factories in Bali and Java.

Due to the personal interface with our producers we are able to carefully monitor the quality of each piece.
Therefore we can guarantee the highest quality for our products.
We are able to provide our wholesalers not only our own collections but also design exclusive collections
for your individual needs.
Inspired by the theme"lasting organic beauty"
we designed a unique and unusual collection for 2010 with extraordinary pieces made out of bone (buffalo),
wood, pojok (tree fruit) and leather.
These rare materials combined with the artistic effort to create something unique and special
has led to our latest collection "lasting natural and organic beauty"
Nature also plays a very profound role in our color palette.
We created fashionable impressions through the radiating tones of berry pink,
mystic violet, ocean green, strawberry red and earthen and wooded shades.
The characteristic variances in workmanship and color of our products are due to
the handmade and organic nature of our artistic process.
Therefore each of our unique jewelry pieces is a work unto itself, which increases the beauty.
Due to our concern for our customers we always use non-allergic materials.

We wish you a delightful journey through our collection.
Feel free to contact us at any time if you have some questions.
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